Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Being Pregnant

This is my first time blogging....EVER!

It is an exciting time in our lives as Christmas is approaching and the New Year right behind it. 2008 promises to be a year of HUGE changes in the lives of the Bush's. I am pregnant with our first child, due May 11 (which is Mother's Day this year!). I'll tell you what, being pregnant is one of the most incredible roller coaster rides I have ever been on. It is an amazing experience, but day to day and minute to minute I have so many emotions running wild no one, especially Travis and myself, know what to expect next. I could be happy and full of life one day/hour/minute or tired and dead to the world the next or crying my eyes out for no apparent reason the next. I guess I am just trying to take each day as it comes and accept whatever emotion/mood comes with the day. I can't complain about what comes along with pregnancy because God has chosen me to bear a child who is created in His image. He has chosen us to bring this new life into the world and raise him or her (we find out on the 18th if it is a boy or girl!!) in a Godly household- to be examples to our child of what it means to love Jesus. I am ready to take on any challenges along the way because even though we weren't really planning on having a baby so soon, God knew and it is all in God's timing and I just have to remember that God's timing is perfect.